Salı, Temmuz 03, 2007

Bana gelen SUPER e-maili paylaşmak istedim, bakalım kaç yerde WOM yakalayacaksınız?

Gönderen arkadaşımın adını gizledim, geriye kalan hiçbir şeye dokunmadığımı özellikle belirteyim.

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Dear Friends, Colleagues, Teachers,

A while ago, my high school and university classmate and presently close
friend Irem recommended a book and lent it to me. When I finished reading it
I was in such high spirits that I started telling about the book to my
friends and family. Then, Irem had a great idea: Why don't we write a short
introduction to the book and send it to our contacts who would be willing to
know about it? I agreed and together, we composed the text below. I hope you
will have fun and reflect while reading this successful collection of Kevin
Revolinski's memoirs.

With love,


THE YOGURT MAN COMETH Tales of an American Teacher in Turkey
By Kevin Revolinski
2006, Citlembik Publications